Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's webcomic time! (also, my beach story)

Hi again, I see that my blog views already passed 200, that's awesome, really.
didn't get to post yesterday since I wasn't home, took a day off work and went to the beach with my gf...

so, while I'm here with the unbelievable combo of a jellyfish sting and sunburn all over my beck, here's some webcomics you might find entertaining:

first comes Order of the Stick: a funny webcomic about d&d characters who do what d&d characters do best, they fight in a fantasy style environment with alot of nice twists, this webcomic is understandable and quite funny even if you didn't play any roleplay ever, recommended.

than there's Looking For Group: another fantasy style comic which started as an extremely funny webcomic and later on turned into pure awesome, its about an elf called Cale (foll name is Cale'Anon Vatay if you wanted to know), and an evil undead warlock named Richard, who is Cale best friend. and some others... btw if you have doubts about reading this comics, watch this:
(that's Richard btw).

and just so you wont complain about no games, here's a nice little one to keep you happy:

Cellcraft is a game where you build a cell, improve it, and protect it from all kinds of viruses, not sure if everyone will like it, but I found it fun =)

have fun :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mind numbing games =D

So, after I spent all day studying for my SAT's I wanted to play some of my favorite mind numbing games, to help myself relax after all that hard study...

so I started playing a favorite genre of mine, that is, strategy, but in a different way.

maybe some of you know of these games, or even games of the same category that i didn't post here, if you do, please post them!

so, without further ado, the games:

first there's Phage Wars in which you grow a little virus that will eventually rule above all others, the more you win, the better you'll eventually become.

second comes Phage Wars II, the follow up to Phage Wars, that is actually easier than it's predecessor, at least for me :P.

and third there's Civilizations Wars, although not related to the other two games, it's gameplay is about the same, but in this one you get exp for every level you pass, even if you already passed it once before, it has different "modes" that can prove to be quite difficult, and last but not least, it has the "magic" option, that lets the player help his minions.

hope you'll enjoy =D

BTW, ty all for coming to my blog, it's only 4 days old and already got more than 100 views.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What does the robot wants today?

Hi, so.. there i was, browsing kongregate for some cool games when i see another "robot wants" game, and decided to give it a look... been playing for the last hour...

for those of you who doesn't know what I'm referring to here are all of the  "robot wants" games, for your gaming pleasure :

1.Robot wants kitty the first and easiest game, in this one you need to rescue the kitty...
2.Robot wants puppy the second game, a bit harder, the kitty got bored and Robot decided he needed a friend :D
3.Robot wants fishy third game, much harder than the first two, apparently kitty and puppy didn't get along (who would've guessed) so good old Robot is going to get fishy in order to get them to stop fighting...
4.Robot wants ice cream forth and hardest game, Robot decided than kitty is a lost cause, leaves him and along with puppy, he's going to get some ice cream =D

play them a bit, they're very fun.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some games Iv'e been playing

Hi, been playing some games since yesterday, thought I'll share tham with you :]

first there's solipskier, a very addictive game... though it took me awhile to understand how to get high scores.

than there is robot unicorn attack. also an addictive game. pretty easy to learn, but hard to master.

and lastly a game I found on App-mazing : Osmos, it's a very interesting game. though I kinda cheated and only downloaded the free pc demo :P

see you tommorow

Saturday, October 2, 2010

hi there

Hi, new blog

looking good so far, lets see how it goes next =D

the name's Grim btw.
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